Hope Hoffman Music, Events and Teaching
Fiddle & Violin Lessons with Hope Hoffman

Rockland, Maine

Hope Hoffman has been teaching in Maine since 2001, and plays fiddle and violin music for weddings, events and festivals. She has produced 4 CDs featuring her original fiddle music compositions.


I look forward to hearing about your interests and ideas!

Details about my teaching style and experience are at www.hopehoffman.org/stringbandteach.

If you're interested in attending your lessons in a fragrance-free teaching space, without cigarettes or synthetic perfumes, you can note that on the form as well.
Resources for friends of chemically sensitive people are at

Instrument rental and purchase:
There are shops in the area to help you get your new or old fiddle/violin up and running, as well as online resources for supplies and rentals; see many options at

Hope Hoffman


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